Friends are important!!!!!!

​When I’m working full time in the summer, working out and trying to balance everything, it can sometimes be difficult to also have a social life. Sometimes I’m too exhausted, sometimes I just want to go home and relax, sometimes my anxiety stops me from wanting to be social, and so on.
However, this past weekend I went away with some friends and I had the most fun I’ve had in a while. Leading up to it I had to fight anxious thoughts about not being able to go to the gym for a couple days, about finding myself in an uncomfortable social situation, about not being wanted by my friends, and more. Despite my worries about the trip, I made a conscious decision last week that I was going to go no matter what. It was going to be fun and I knew that, but unfortunately my anxiety is never rational. Once I’d decided I was going to go, it was easier for me to deflect my anxiety and embrace the excitement of spending time with my friends.
​Over the weekend I felt more carefree, happy and just focused on having a good time! It ended up being a great reminder that spending time with friends is actually a wonderful experience. So whenever my anxiety tells me that it will be awkward hanging out with someone, makes me want to stay back from an activity, or gives me the impression that staying home and avoiding everyone for a bit is the best option, I have this weekend as a reminder that that’s not always the case. Yes, some days staying home is what’s best for me and yes, sometimes I need to spend time by myself. But, I can’t let my anxiety debilitate me to the extent where I’m missing out on living my life and seeing my friends. Even if it’s difficult to convince myself to actually go and do something instead of just stay home – especially if I’m tired – it’s usually worth it in the end when I do decide to go.
​​It’s important to remember that spending time with other people can actually be a great way to deal with anxiety and stress. Friends are truly a blessing and it’s important to remember how valuable they are. Whenever you’re not having a good mental health day, they can really help you get out of your head and remember that living life to the fullest is really worth it.
​Shout out to the friends who made this past weekend super fun – you know who you are. For those of you out there who have similar struggles with anxiety making it even harder to balance an already busy life, I hope this has helped you as well. I hope it’s served as a reminder that going to that party Friday night, going out for dinner with the girls or going on that date you keep postponing might be worth it in the end. Don’t let your anxiety make you miss out. You deserve a lot more than that. You really do.IMG_7504


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