Less is Not Always Best

IMG_8007There seems to be a general societal notion that eating less is always best. This is a mindset that I took on strictly in the start of my eating disorder, and even in recovery, it’s been a hard one to fight. There are always commercials on the internet, TV, and billboards that advertise how to eat less and weigh less. But when you’re recovering from an eating disorder and the goal is to eat more and weigh more, this creates a variety of conflicting messages for an individual. Even after being weight restored and achieving a healthier relationship with food, it’s still been difficult for me to not aim for a caloric deficit. It’s something that has simply been engrained in my mind for so long now, that not leaving that little bit of room for my daily caloric needs seems just wrong. However, in beginning my fitness journey, I’m learning how important it really is to eat enough to properly fuel your body based on your activity level and what your body needs.
I’m starting to plan out my daily meals more regularly in order to make sure that I take in enough nutrition daily and to limit my ability to accidentally not eat enough during the day and have to make up for it once I realize. I know this is not a typical thing for most people, but I think that challenging the idea that eating less is always better is something that’s applicable to a variety of individuals. I think there should be more of focus one eating enough, fuelling your body and maintaining balance. Eating less is in fact not always best. I know for a fact a variety of people under eat without even knowing it and that’s a factor in why they struggle to lose weight. Their metabolism slows down and interferes with their adjusted diet and weight loss goals. You have to listen to your body and try your best to figure out what works for you.
Yesterday I had a victory that most people wouldn’t consider as anything significant. I hit my macronutrient fat goal for the day. I’m usually under this macro daily, and I’ve never been over, so actually reaching it was a success in my eyes. I’m working towards a macronutrient plan for all of my food in order to maintain a more balanced diet, and this felt like a good step in the right direction. Hopefully, things will keep looking up from here. I just have to keep reminding myself that a deficit is for someone who intends to lose weight, and considering that’s not my goal, I need to feed my body accordingly.


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