Don’t Delete Your Happiness


Earlier this week, I found myself in a funk. I kept questioning some of the positive things in my life: why do I even bother sharing my fitness journey? People probably think this is all stupid… is there really any point in putting all this effort and time into my Instagram/blog? I even contemplated deleting my fitness Instagram entirely. In that moment, it was easy to use school and my social life as an excuse to just put all this fitness stuff behind me. But this is when I took a step back. I didn’t act on that thought right away, as I may have in another circumstance. I thought of all the times in the past when I’d acted out of pure emotion and then regretted my decision later. Maybe I was just having a rough day, or maybe I just needed sleep. I didn’t want to delete my account and wake up feeling like I’d made a mistake. I also reminded myself of all the positive feedback I received regarding my blogs, Instagram posts, and dedication.

The next day, after I got home from the gym, I felt really good. I was reminded why I enjoy fitness so much and how much I enjoy sharing that passion with others. In that moment, I was glad I didn’t delete my account when I was feeling down the day before. I was glad that I hadn’t let a moment of insecurity get the best of me, as I have done in the past. I even came across a quote on Instagram that was extremely fitting for how I’d been feeling. It read: “stop letting people make you feel bad or embarrassed about doing what makes you happy. find what you love and do more of it. never apologize.” This quote was exactly what I needed to read in that moment. I had no reason to be embarrassed about my fitness account or to worry that people were judging me because of it. If it made me happy, if it was something enjoyed, then that’s all that mattered.

It’s so easy to succumb to the fear of judgment from others. Trust me, we all experience it to some degree every. single. day. However, a lot of the time when we worry that others are judging us, they really aren’t. This is a reassuring notion, but also one that’s hard to accept all the time. I think that having this moment of revelation this week will be helpful for me as I  move forward in life. Being in my fourth year of University, sometimes I get scared of the future and worried that I won’t be able to be successful in life. However, this week I realized that doing what makes you happy and working towards a healthy and fulfilled life is what’s most important. Nothing is going to go perfectly, and it won’t go according to plan. The most you can do is your best. Do what you love, ignore the haters and spread happiness. That’s my main goal and I think if everyone approached their passion and their life in a similar way, instead of putting up walls, and fearing judgment – then maybe the world would be a little bit of a better place.

If I had followed through with my gut feeling this week and deleted my fitness Instagram, I know I would have regretted it less than an hour later. It makes me happy, it’s something that I feel gives me purpose beyond the daily monotony of school and work. It’s not something that should be deleted. Happiness is an important aspect of any life, and it should be preserved, not edited out. So, if you’re thinking that you should stop doing something that makes you happy because you’re worried that people will think you’re “weird,” or “uncool,” don’t stop. Keep going, keep being you, and don’t ever delete your happiness




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