Treat yo’ self

We’ve all heard the ever-so popular phrase, “treat yo’ self.” But I think sometimes people tend to trivialize the actual importance of doing just that! In a way, it’s become a bit of a joke. And while it’s obviously not something you should be doing 24/7 with careless intentions, every once in a while doing something for yourself is a huge game changer!

Yesterday, I decided to treat myself by buying a ticket to see Harry Styles. If you know me, you would know that I love this human a lot, and I wasn’t able to get tickets for the show when they originally went on sale. So, in a spur of the moment decision, I decided to buy a single ticket to the show. I knew a bunch of friends who were also going and planned to meet up with them before. If you’ve ever been to a concert though, even at a small venue, it can be hard to find people, and if you do, you usually just see them from a distance. I ultimately decided to just make it a night out for myself, regardless of sitting alone at the concert. I got to the venue, waited in line with some friends who I saw on the way in, then went my separate way when I got inside. I went downstairs to get some merch, then got a beer and headed to find my seat in the 7th row. Once the show started, I was completely immersed in the music and I had a great time! It didn’t matter that I was basically at the concert alone, I got to see an artist who I love, listen to great music, and have a fun night that would have otherwise been spent on my couch at home.

There’s a bit of a weird stigma about doing certain things alone, like going to the movies, going out to eat, going to concerts, and so on. But I think doing one of those things on your own is actually a really eye-opening experience. You might think you don’t need more time to yourself, I mean you’re with yourself ALL the time. But, do you ever really do something by yourself for yourself, or do you usually just throw on Netflix to binge watch your night away? My guess is that most of you identify with the latter of those two options. Sure you go to the gym because it makes you So, here’s my challenge to you: next time you find yourself wanting to do something, but no one’s free or interested in going, why don’t you go by yourself? Take yourself on a date for a change! Really go out and treat yo’ self. You don’t always need other people to have a good time!



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