Monday Motivator: Britni

As I get more involved in fitness, I continuously find new people who motivate and inspire me, both in my daily life and on social media. This blog segment is dedicated to those incredible guys and gals who give their all and have an admirable passion for fitness. These people have positively influenced my life, and I hope they can do the same for you.

I have honestly been SO excited to post about this week’s Monday Motivator and I had to hold back from doing it earlier than today. This week’s Monday Motivator is Britni Spring (@blspringfit).

This girl is, in one word, INCREDIBLE. She is such an inspiration and someone who’s instagram posts and stories I look forward  to every day!

Britni is not only extremely passionate about fitness, but she has grey knowledge about it as well, being a graduate student in Occupatioanl Therapy with a bachelors degree in exercise science! She’s also a 66kg USAPL raw power lifter and has recently created her own 12-week Powerbuilding training program to help other people train bigger and better!! (Check out the link to the program in her insta bio!!)

Oh and there’s more! Britni has recently teamed up with @tilyoucollapse whose leggings she is absolutely slaaaaying. I’m definitley saving up to get myself a pair because of this gal (check them out and use her discount code: blspringfit 👍🏼👍🏼).

I can’t even put into words how much Britni influences me on a daily basis. Her determination and hard work make me aspire to be a better version of myself, train harder, and embrace life.I’m just gonna throw in a quote from one of her posts here to hopefully show you guys what I mean:

0E267490-1FD4-414B-8FA3-314946A255EDBritni’s Instagram is a mix of tips, inspiration, workout clips, transformations, gym selfies and just really cool fitness pictures! Plus, just yesterday she shared that she plans to start posting more about her life outside of fitness too!! What more could you want???

Every time this girl comments on one of my photos I get so happy! I love that Instagram can bring people from different places closer together over a shared love of something. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Britni and continue to learn from her!

I’m so glad it’s finally time for me to write this post and I get to showcase how wonderful you are Brit! Keep being amazing, keep encouraging those around you, keep grinding hard, and keep being the badass you are. ❤️ Thank you for being you!




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