🍞🥗🍳Grocery Haul🍌🍠

Hi lovely people!!! Hope your week has gotten off to a wonderful start. I wanted to make a post this week to show you guys some of the foods I buy when I grocery shop, and give you some idea of what I eat .

My go-to for protein, usually for my dinner, is these frozen chicken breast portions! There’s a bunch of different brands, but this is the kind I get based on where I buy my groceries! Having them frozen is super convenient since I’m only cooking for myself and I don’t have to cook all the portions at once. They’re great for meal prep and for cooking up to eat right away!


Along with chicken, my dinner usually consists of a vegetable and carb! This week I bought cauliflower and sweet potato (my fav😍).



(I usually buy two, but this guy was pretty big so I just got one 😋)

This week I decided to make zoodles for lunch so I got some zucchini, chicken slices and I used salsa I already had!



I got some celery which I love to pair with this low fat artichoke and Asiago dip which is DELISH!!



One of my favourite foods is ice cream/frozen yogurt so these PB Chocolate frozen yogurt bars are a staple in my freezer!


Rice cakes were on sale so of course I had to stock up on those too 😋 caramel chocolate chip, white cheddar and ketchup!


Of course I always have to have lettuce and bananas on hand too!


These frozen dinners are also always key when I’m in a rush or haven’t had time to meal prep! This chicken and vegetable stir fry has 190 calories, 15 carbs, 24 protein, and 4 fat!!


I also picked up some rice which is always good to have in my cupboard! d05b8eb9-c66f-45b4-9443-2bb8a07520b2.jpeg

And this salmon which is SO easy to make, which is super awesome for a girl like me who isn’t a huge cook! It literally takes 10 minutes!


Some of my awesome finds for this grocery trip were this frozen green giant Riced sweet potato and cauliflower


And this pumpkin spice Greek yogurt – perfect for fall 🤗


Let me know what you guys thought of this post, and if you’d be interested in another one down the road! I’ m also thinking of doing a post on protein snacks and on some of my staple food items, and I’m definitley going to be making one about all the cool snacks I find when I go to the US in December! 🤓 I’d love any feedback you guys have on these ideas or any requests for future posts!

Happy grocery shopping 😜💜


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