Monday Motivator: Brae


As I get more involved in fitness, I continuously find new people who motivate and inspire me, both in my daily life and on social media. This blog segment is dedicated to those incredible guys and gals who give their all and have an admirable passion for fitness. These people have positively influenced my life, and I hope they can do the same for you.

This week’s Monday Motivator is Braedyn or Brae (@braeofsunshine). And it couldn’t be better timing cus it’s her BIRTHDAY❣️❣️❣️I’m not sure how to put my admiration for this girl into words, but I’m sure as heck going to do my best! To start off, her username makes me happy whenever I see it, and her bio follows suit, reminding everyone to “bring your own sunshine.”

Brae is a 20-year-old collegiate rower who is in recovery from an eating disorder, and she’s killin’ it! Her outlook on all things nutrition, fitness and recovery is so refreshing. I truly love seeing every new post and story she shares.

In preparation for this post, I scrolled back to one of her earliest Instagram photos from May 2015. In this particular caption, she stated her decision to make a change, hold herself accountable, and fight back against her eating disorder. From that point on in her journey through recovery, it’s incredible to see how she has grown stronger and stronger to this day.

This girl is wise beyond her years and her insights just blow me away repeatedly. Here are just a couple highlights from her Instagram:


What is your your WHY!? Every one of us will have different answer to that question. Why? Because well, we’re different! We are all different people. We all have different passions and interests. Different likes and dislikes. We are all living in different contexts. We’re all dealing with hard things and problems of our own. We have different goals. Different genes too if you wanna go that far. You catch my drift?? So my question to you is WHY do we make ourselves believe there is only one right way? One single way to be? One diet to follow? One exercise routine to become slave to? One way to look? Why why why!?”

‘In a world full of fitness models- be an athlete’ 👊🏼
This is definitely something I have to remind myself from time to time. Between social media and our society’s culture, there is SO much pressure placed on aesthetics and having this so called “perfect body”. And I admit, sometimes I find myself caught up in the nonsense, comparing myself to other girls, etc. But let me just say that its a load of crap. YOU ARE ENOUGH. I don’t train to look a certain way. I’m not in the gym everyday pushing myself as hard as I do to fit into a certain size. I don’t do cardio so that I can eat that dessert. I’m not trying to impress a boy, a girl, or anyone. My fitness goals, my eating, and my lifestyle all have nothing to do with what I look like. My body is my home, my tool, it’s what allows me to do all of the things I love. And no, I don’t always feel good about myself. I have good and bad days. But no matter what kind of day I’m having I choose to love myself anyway. That’s what this is all about- finding peace and acceptance with yourself and every single day I get closer and closer to that
#SelfLoveSunday 🌞”

Now, tell me these posts don’t make you want to follow this gal and show her all the love?

Brae is a true inspiration to me in balancing nutrition and fitness. She does such a great job of it and her hard work definitely pays off! Every day she reminds me why I need to make an active change in my own nutritional behaviours, since as of late they haven’t been up to par.

Also, her food posts are 😍😍😍!!! They literally all look delicious and she has great recipe and snack ideas! If oatmeal, peanut butter, pancakes and more entice you, then what on earth are you waiting for? Scope out her page!

I really aspire to be as positive, sharing and confident as Brae. Though I know it’s not always easy for her, her fight and dedication are incredibly inspiring.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey, Brae! I hope you know that you’re impacting so many people in such a positive way! Keep doing you, and keep bringing the sunshine ❤️🌞


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