But you’re a girl…

Yes, I am in fact a girl. Congratulations on coming to that conclusion. But why should that make any difference?

Whenever a girl says she goes to the gym, people are quick to make assumptions. They tend to think that all girls just use the elliptical for 20 minutes and call it a day, or they’re a “cardio bunny.” First of all, if that is the case for some girls, who are you to judge? They’re working to better themselves and that’s all that matters. Secondly, this may come as a shock to some people, but girls actually lift weights too!! AMAZING! I know.

When I first started going to the gym I was terrified of the weight room, especially the one at the school gym. To be honest, the one at the school gym still scares me a little bit. Why, you may ask? Well, it can be rather intimidating, especially for a beginner. There’s a bunch of guys walking around like they know everything, and walking in there you can’t help but worry you’re going to make a mistake and be judged. It took me some time to get over it, and at this point, I don’t care what other people think of me while I’m at the gym (at least I try not to –I am human after all). However, I know for a fact, that other girls who don’t go to the gym as frequently as I do still feel self-conscious stepping foot in the door, let alone into the weight room. This makes me sad to be honest, because the gym has become such a place of solace for me, and it’s my hope that other people can enjoy it in a similar way. So to all you ladies who feel uncomfortable about going to the gym, here is my best piece of advice: as Nike says, Just Do It! It might not be simple, it might be hard as hell, it might be the scariest thing in the world in that moment, but doing it even once makes the next time easier. And if you keep doing it over and over again, soon enough your discomfort will decrease and maybe even disappear.

Surprisingly enough, my school gym, which I find the most overwhelming due to its level of business, is the one where I tend to see the most girls. When I go to other gyms, I often find myself surrounded by men in the weight room with maybe one or two other women floating around. This tends to usually result in a lot of staring. Yes, sure it’s flattering to a certain extent, I like to look around too ;), but when it reaches a point where I’m uncomfortable, you probably need to check yourself. We’re all here to work out and just because I’m a girl and I decided to wear a sports bra to the gym does not mean that you’re invited to constantly stare at me to a level where I feel like I’m being judged. Let me do me, and you do you –if you want to come up and say hey later, then by all means do so– but don’t act like I’m there simply for your viewing pleasure.

So, to recap, yes, I am a girl. But that is not something that should be treated as an anomaly –at the gym, or anywhere else! Women can like going to the gym, women can lift weights, women can be strong, and sorry to crush your ego, but yeah maybe they can even squat more than you.

Now for a shout-out to some of my badass fitness gals who show that lifting is cool as hell and women are just as capable as men on the daily:

  1. @blspringfit236512E3-3B03-4033-8CEE-2F16CD67296D
  2. @t.riggs.fitness0826C371-A3DE-4BE0-8345-184D998DE764
  3. @bb.healthfitD339148F-7130-4752-8B71-924E348AAFAB
  4. @fitznessinD78E3EB2-3777-47FC-B51B-0AE1981E8ACB
  5. @allisonannfit319AF18B-F6D8-4742-A417-FE462ADC9F8D
  6. @blazinazinEC1D0471-F8B0-4461-894E-03D47A174FCF
  7. @fit_and_dedicatedB85BB4FB-42A0-418D-9429-7B4C13936964
  8. @nic.fitt7E1BB3FD-35D2-4FEE-89D0-FA1934F68A41
  9. @myfitmikF0DC9704-B266-4A45-BF42-25A1445B339C
  10. @maha_sfitEB9AD869-09C1-4779-8C10-16E03384D21F

Had to stop myself at 10, because I could literally go on forever with the number of amazing girls I follow. Keep killin’ it ladies, and keep being proud to be women! ❤ Happy International Women’s Day!


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