“I’ll just eat after…”


I know tons of people who say, “I could never forget to eat,” but sometimes when life gets crazy and we’re on the go all day it’s easy to let eating slide as a priority and even to forget to eat! Personally, I struggle with delaying my eating. If I have class I’ll tell myself “I’ll just eat after,” or “I’ll eat after i finish doing this, this and this.” This can be problematic for two reasons: One, I get super hangry and am not fun to be around. And two, I end up struggling to eat enough throughout the day in order to maintain my body.

Neither of these things are ideal and this week I’ve been actively working on spreading out my food better and not just “waiting until after” to eat. I’ve actually been hitting my macros every day this week and something that’s helped me a lot is planning out my next day before hand. Obviously, this is not something everyone should be or needs to be doing, but if you’re struggling with your nutrition in recovery from an eating disorder (like me), or if you’re a bodybuilder, this could be a helpful technique for you. Even if you’re not, I think laying out your day in advance is always helpful in terms of maintaining a healthy diet. If you know you’re not going to have a lot of time for lunch one day, then pack something quick and easy! If you know you’re going to be in a meeting when that 3pm snack craving comes, bring a granola bar with you! If you’re going to be studying in the library all day, pack lots of food to fuel your brain! Personally, I go by the rule of always carrying a snack of some sort, usually a granola or protein bar, in my purse or backpack! That way if I get hungry I’m always prepared even if there’s no where around me to get food at that time.

Here are a couple of my favourite on-the-go snacks if you’re in need of some suggestions:

1. Protein bars – quest and combat crunch are two of my favourites!! So delicious and great for a mid-day boost!


2. Granola bars – chewy bars are always a great snack when you’re in a rush, no matter how old you are 😜


3. Apples – personally i like to pre-cut mine which means they might get a little brown before eating them, but I don’t mind! Plus if you do, you can add lemon juice in order to slow down the browning!

red apple

4. Bananas – easy to eat and digest!


5. String cheese – I always have these in my fridge ready to snack on! They have a good shelf-life too which is helpful if you’re a student or grocery shopping for one!


6. Hardboiled eggs – at some grocery stores you can buy these pre-made so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the time to hard boil them yourself! But hardboiling them yourself isn’t too difficult! Just use your handy dandy friend google for some directions and you’re good to go 😊


I know life gets busy and it can be easy to let eating become a non-priority. But in order to live your life to the best of your ability, eating enough and eating well is important! So do your best to give your body good food and treat it respectfully, it’ll be worth it!

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