Gingerbread Proats


Are you really #fitness if you don’t love oats? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Honestly, I am NOT a pleasant human before I have time to wake up in the morning 😂 So, this also used to mean that my breakfasts were super simple and boring, and on days where I was on the run I’d usually just grab a protein bar and go! However, I’ve always been a huge fan of breakfast foods, so while mornings are still hard, making the decision to actually put some sort of effort into my breakfast has made for a happy Jenn. And of course, oats have become one of my true loves! They’re just so versatile!!!! They can be fruity, chocolatey, hot, cold… and they’re yummy af.
Here’s the deets on these protein oats:
🥣1/3c oats
🥣1 banana
🥣2tbsp PB2
🥣1/2 scoop gingerbread whey powder (I used mutant)
➡️ Mash half of the banana and mix with oats, 1tbsp PB2 and water. Microwave for 1-3 minutes to desired consistency. Mix gingerbread whey powder into oats gradually. Then top with 1tbsp PB2 and the other half of the banana and scoop into some gingerbread deliciousness.


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