Nothing makes me happier than hyping up my friends! Legit, scrolling through Instagram, letting my guys and gals know how wonderful they are is one of my favourite pastimes. We are our own worst critics and social media can be a place where it’s so easy to compare with others and further drag ourselves down. However, social media also gives us the ability to hype other people the F up! In my opinion, sending even a little reminder to someone that they are more than their insecurities, that they are amazing, and that trying their best is what’s most important can make a world of difference. And honestly, giving credit where credit is due is a pretty great feeling.


Lately I’ve just been feeling so lucky to connect with all the people that I have throughout my life so far. I’ve been given more opportunities than most in my life to meet people from all over the place with a huge range of passions. From treatment stays to chance encounters to my fitness account, I’ve been able to interact with individuals that I would have otherwise never known.


It’s so important to let the amazing people in your life know that they influence you positively. In a world that can so easily focus on all the negativity that surrounds us, being able to focus on the positive aspects in life is something that needs to be celebrated. Even further, the number of people who are unaware of how spectacular they are is truly heartbreaking. There have been anumber of times in my life when someone I know has expressed that they are insecure about something or that they do not like something about themselves, and my initial internal reaction has honestly been “how could you be insecure, you’re stunning, funny, smart and I would love to be you.” Obviously, I would never vocalize this, but this scenario pinpoints two issues: 1. That everyone has insecurities and 2. That wanting to be someone else is not a positive outlook to have when facing the world. It’s important to embrace who you are and to realize that even though someone might seem “perfect” to you, I guarantee that they have worries of their own. So, giving your friends and the people you admire a boost by letting them know how great you think they are is never a bad idea.

Hype up your friends, hype up the people inspiring you, hype up that guy who’s spitting truth in his caption, hell even hype up that girl who’s dating your ex-boyfriend because let’s be honest congrats to her for putting up with his shit. Spread the love, spread the positivity, and surround yourself with people who better you. Now go out there and encourage good vibes, hype up yo’ friends 💕🙌🏼


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