Monday Motivator: Nicole


As I get more involved in fitness, I continuously find new people who motivate and inspire me, both in my daily life and on social media. This blog segment is dedicated to those incredible guys and gals who give their all and have an admirable passion for fitness. These people have positively influenced my life, and I hope they can do the same for you.

This weeks Monday Motivator is Nicole Sleaford (@workingitout_). Nicole is such a sweetie and a wonderful part of the Instagram fitness community. She’s also an amazing advocate for mental health. Her captions are incredibly inspirational, and her comparison posts are definitely something to check out! Her insights are so intelligent and I love seeing her posts on my timeline. It’s so encouraging to see people like her who are real, honest and use their social media platform to spread positive vibes.

Here’s one of her transformation posts that really allow you to self reflect on how we can get so wrapped up in looking perfect for Instagram:


“How many of you have put yourself in an uncomfortable pose to get that insta approved snap (it’s a thing). ⠀
I know I have lol. ⠀⠀
Below is a prime example. I was trying to make the left look cute and my sister was like you just look awkward nicole stop. And she was right hahaha. ⠀
Of course I get why we all do it, BUT I guess essentially it’s adding to the false reality of feeds on this platform which suggest it’s the norm. ⠀
3 reasons why the first pose just isn’t real: I couldn’t properly breath lol, my leg was cramping and I was sure I’d fall off at any given moment. ⠀⠀
Sure, the first pose is more well, posed. I look less goofy and more insta I’d say. BUT (another but) that isn’t me. ⠀⠀
I am goofy, I am awkward and I love to smile and share positivity. And that’s why the second photo is an accurate representation of myself and who you could expect to meet if you saw me outside of the gram lol. ⠀⠀
We are so much more than the images we put on here. And even our bodies are so much more than the quick snippet of a picture we put on here.⠀⠀
I think it’s time to embrace that.⠀⠀
I’ve learnt that Instagram is a great opportunity to express yourself and truly be you in your most authentic form. So, don’t do it for the gram (a lesson I’m learning too) do it for you 💕”

It’s so true that having a fitness account or any type of social media account really should be first and foremost for you! Sure it’s amazing to help others, share knowledge and inspiration, but if you aren’t being true to yourself, than the rest of it doesn’t matter. You won’t be able to make a real impact unless you honour your own values and standards first.

Nicole does an amazing job of  maintaining her integrity and staying true to who she really is, which is incredibly refreshing. She shares her struggles, is honest about her mental health, and is always doing her best to help others through her Instagram. I am so grateful I get to interact with and follow such a genuinely kind-hearted and motivational individual.

Thank you so much for being such a fabulous influence in the fitness community and for being so open about your personal journey. Keep radiating joy and being incredible, Most of all, never stop being true to yourself. 💜


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