Full Day of Eating 🥙🍦🥦🥣

Hi friends!

Here’s some deets on a full day of eating (FDOE) for your girl! Just a reminder that every body is different and your needs are different than mine, but hopefully this can help give ya some ideas for yummy things to try! 🤗

First off in the morning I take my supplements:

0D0C2B07-2D85-4C85-96B7-A93A9B229187.jpegThe supplements suggested by my coach were the probiotic, fish oil, ACV tablet, multivitamin, and vitamin K & D. Then I take an iron pill cus your girls got low iron and I take fluoxetine (better known as Prozac) for my anxiety.

Then I make myself some breakky – oats are the goat


If you don’t love oats then Im sorry because they are just so darn delicious!!

As you can see I used some cinnamon pumpkin seed oats and added banana and PB2 (def check this stuff out it’s delish!)

Oats are a great high carb breakfast and considering I usually work out after breakfast, it works as a good preworkout meal for me too! 🤗 Usually I have a coffee too which also gives me that early morning kick of caffeine!

During my workouts I love to sip on my BCAA’s. This one is Revolution Nutrition’s fuzzy peach Pure BCAA’s 🍑🍑 It has 2500mg of L-Leucine, 1250mg of L-Isoleucine and 1250mg of L-valine!

0BEE699D-D0EA-46B2-882F-A26DF70AEB9DAfter training chest & tris, got home from the gym to have some lunch!


Then later on in the afternoon I whipped up one of Flapjacked’s Mighty Muffins – s’mores flavour 🤗


Super easy to make! Just add water, stir, throw it in the microwave and you’ve got a super yummy snack!

Then for dinner I decided to try out nupasta and see what it was all about! For a pasta substitute at only 25 calories a pack, it was pretty good!


Definitley helpful if you’re on a lower carb intake too, with only 6g per package.

Then I treated myself to some delicious PB swirl HaloTop 😍


And finally finished my day with a Pillsbury cinnamon roll cookie left over from Easter dinner and some fibre one brownie bites 😊


And there ya have it! I’m planning to get another one of these up on the blog over the next week and continue doing them in the future whenever I feel like it’s a good or interesting day! Let me know any feedback you guys have and thanks so much for reading! 💜


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