Monday Motivator: Clare


As I get more involved in fitness, I continuously find new people who motivate and inspire me, both in my daily life and on social media. This blog segment is dedicated to those incredible guys and gals who give their all and have an admirable passion for fitness. These people have positively influenced my life, and I hope they can do the same for you.

This weeks Monday Motivator is Clare O’Shea (@cmosfit). Clare is such a kind, supportive and all around amazing individual. Her mindset and commitment to self improvement is truly inspiring, and I love following her journey through Instagram. Clare is so open with her followers about her progress, and her growth both physically and mentally which I love.

Recently, Clare posted a #transformationtuesday about her personal shift in thinking and it is incredible so I wanted to share her caption:

“In the left I was in my first semester of college. I felt out of control in my academic life, but the only way for me to feel “in control” was to restrict my eating and do copious amounts of cardio. I was into modeling at the time, and my only goal was to become as thin as the girls on the runway in New York, & I was determined to do anything it took to reach that goal; even if it meant risking my health & slowly kill myself throughout the process. this plan of mine didn’t go too well, & ended me up in a treatment center for 2 months. I can honestly say I had the best time there and made so many memories with people who struggled just as I did. ✨ fast forward to now, and I’m eating good, lifting heavy, spending time with friends, and (trying) to cope with school in a more positive way. If anyone is struggling out there, please know that you are NEVER alone. I get you and am here for you. and you will end up on the other side, I promise 🦋”

Not only is Clare a force of motivation, but she is friggin’ hilarious too. If you haven’t kept up with her and @allisonannfit on insta then you’ve been missing out. These girls always make my day brighter.

Clare and I are both currently going through “bulking” phases, and while mine is to get my body to a sustainable place and not necessarily temporary, seeing Clare go through a similar process has helped me immensely. It helps calm and rationalize my fears knowing that someone else with those same anxieties is doing this too. We in this together babe. #chunk

I feel so lucky that I get to interact with such a down to earth, well-rounded individual. It makes me so happy to know people like Clare exist in the world. Also, she makes hella cool workout shirts so go check that tutorial on her insta so you can stunt that cmosfit style in the gym. (Personally plan on doing this ASAP after finals)

Thank you so much for being such an incredible human Clare. Never stop being you, and always remember you are truly beautiful inside and out!


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