Monday Motivator: Sara


As I get more involved in fitness, I continuously find new people who motcaivate and inspire me, both in my daily life and on social media. This blog segment is dedicated to those incredible guys and gals who giver their all and have an admirable passion for fitness. These people have positively influenced my life, and I hope they can do the same for you.

This week’s Monday Motivator is the ray of sunshine herself Sara Carlucci (@scarluccifit). This girl is amazing. She is literally such a light in my life and seeing her posts and her insta story brighten my day every single darn day.

I am so proud of everything she has accomplished and everything she is going to accomplish – this girl has BIG things coming and I can’t wait to follow her along on this amazing journey. Sara is a FearstoFit ambassador with me and I am SO grateful that she has come into my life.

Sara is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who does online fitness coaching and her passion for helping others create a healthy body AND mind is inspiring. She posts so many bomb ass workouts and I get so excited to see what new, creative things she’s going to share! Click here for one of her leg workouts to get that booty burnin’.

Not only is she great with workout tips, Sara’s life advice and motivational messages are incomparable. I honestly can’t even properly put into words how much this girl inspires me to be better, and to live better.

Sara struggled with orthorexia and one of her recent posts really shows how important it is to focus on having a healthy mind set during your fitness journey:


This girl radiates positive energy and is so encouraging to all of those around her. I aspire to project her level of happiness into the world.

Sara you are such an incredible individual don’t you ever forget that. Never stop being who you are, and never stop pre-workout dance parties.

We really are #alwaysstrongertogether


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