Current Faves 😍

Happy Monday friends! I hope you are ready to crush this week. I thought I’d kick off this Monday by sharing some of my current faves with you all! So read on, to get in on all the cool tings.


All-natural Peanut butter


I love peanut butter as much as the next gal, and of course I love the typical sugar added deliciousness. However, when I finished my last jar, I figured I’d try a peanut butter that includes just peanuts and salt. When I first tried it I was like “hmm this is different” and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. But let me tell you, on the next taste, I loved it! This doesn’t mean I’m going to strictly stick to this type of peanut butter for the rest of my life, but it is really delicious and a great option if you want to limit added sugar in your diet. This stuff is bomb on oats – I use it on them every morning! Obviously there are a variety of different brands that provide peanut butters like this, the photo is just the one I’m currently using. Be sure to check out the options available at your grocery store the next time you’re there!

Lenny & Larrys


These cookies are such a go-to for an easy snack that fuels me throughout the day. I usually have them as a pick-me-up in the afternoon! For people who need a higher caloric intake, or a higher carb intake, these cookies are blessed. Sometimes I really don’t have the time or energy to make an extravagant snack during the day that is dense enough to sustain me, so a cookie with around 400 calories and 68 Carbs that I can just grab without too much planning is amazing. Plus, they are flippin’ delicious! I haven’t had a flavour I don’t like, and if I were to list my favourites I’d probably list the majority of them so I’ll save you from that LOL. Basically these things are the

Skinny Syrup – Mocha


I’ve tried some zero calorie syrups that I’m not a huge fan of, but let me tell you these Skinny Syrup’s don’t disappoint – or at least the mocha one doesn’t. It’s a great addition to smoothies or coffee, and I add them to my morning oats to add a bit more flavour! Definitely recommend checking these out if you like adding some flava flave to your drinks and other foods without adding the extra macros.

Smirnoff Ice Light – Raspberry and Soda


Surprise Surprise your girl still likes to drink alcohol! Yes, I love the gym and fitness, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a drink here and there too. In the summer there are so many fruity and fancy drinks out there to choose from, and sometimes it’s worth it to splurge a little bit, but sometimes you want to be more conscious with your alcohol choices. One of my favourite low calorie drinks is Smirnoff ice light – the rasberry flavour especially! It’s sweet, satisfying and only 100 calories per can! So yes it really is possible to get litty and stay fitty.


Amazing Grass Green Superfood – Chocolate

11451B87-6D79-4E53-9FFE-333208DCCEE6I know you’re probably thinking “greens, really? yuck.” I don’t blame you for that. There are lots of greens out there that do not taste good. I had tried some a while back and I just couldn’t stomach them so I was definitely hesitant trying some again, but these greens are actually good! I actually enjoy them and have loved adding them into my morning routine.

Mio Sport

f0bb8f93-6456-46ce-9fdb-19a2f3675732.jpegIf you’re like me and find water boring to drink, I 100% recommend Mio. They have a bunch of different flavours you can add to your water for 0 added calories and it makes water a lot more exciting to drink. Personally, I love using the Mio Sport products since it provides me with a good electrolyte supplement as well! I literally live by this stuff and it really helps me hit my daily water goals.


Ascend to Action crop


One thing I love to do is support growing fitness companies with great products. Ascend to Action is one of these companies and they are going big places! I recently received one of their crops in lavender and I am in love!!! It is so comfortable, it handles my workouts like a pro and who doesn’t love adding more workout tops to their wardrobe. I’m so happy to have found a company that shares positive vibes and is committed to creating amazing products for each and every one of their customers.

Ethos Leggings


If you’ve been sleeping on Ethos, you really need to stop! Their leggings are by far my FAVOURITE. They fit the booty and the waist, they’re comfy as heck, they’re squat proof, and they have POCKETS!!!!! I currently have the black, maroon and space white and I can’t wait to add more to my collection soon! I’m also proud to be an affiliate for this incredible company so if you’re interested in trying their products feel free to use my code: JENN to save some moola 🙂


Fré – 123FRÉ


I have never been very good with skincare. In recent years I haven’t really had to be diligent with it, so I let it slip. I started to resort to makeup wipes and that was basically the extent of it. However, since I’ve discovered Fré, I’ve actually gotten into a skincare routine ande my skin loves me for it. The fact that this product is made for people who workout and sweat on the daily makes it even more amazing. I love, love, love the 123 FRÉ system and I’m happy that it’s also helped me get into the practice of taking better care of my skin! Feel free to use code: FFJ to save some money if you decide to try out this fab product.


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