“I’m in a living phase”


When you sit back and look around the fitness world, it always seems that people are moving in and out of phases in regards to their nutrition. Whether it be from cutting to bulking, from paleo to keto, it always seems like there’s some sort of category to fit into. Obviously this makes total sense if your goal is to compete in a sport of any kind; you are feeding your body in order to work towards a specific goal. However, there are individuals who don’t necessarily have this type of concrete goal set in mind, but still feel like they have to subscribe to a certain ‘way’ of eating. Since weightlifting is my primary mode of training, most people are cutting or bulking at any given time and this was something I struggled with when I first started lifting. I knew I definitely wasn’t cutting, so did that mean I was bulking? But I wasn’t really bulking either…  After a while I simply asked myself: Do I really have to fit into one of these categories? and I realized the answer is no!

Currently I have no goals of competing in a physique competition or a powerlifting competition, or in any form of competition at all really. I am simply eating to fuel my body, to work my way out of an eating disorder relapse, to increase my strength and to do what I love: working out and weight training. So then comes the question: am I cutting or bulking? Well friends, I am actually doing neither. I am living.

I am happy where my body is currently and while, yes, I want to continue to improve myself, I don’t subscribe to a bulking or cutting category. I am eating to fuel my workouts, to fuel my day, to fuel my life. I think sometimes people tend to forget that people working towards a competition are putting their bodies through a bulk and cut in order to get ready for that competition. In other instances weight gain or weight loss are necessary for health reasons. But if you’re currently at a healthy weight, and have no upcoming goals of competing in a sport, then I truly encourage you to ask yourself: do I really need to be cutting or bulking? …Could you maybe just be living?

It can be easy to feel like you should fall into a certain category of nutrition, but it’s okay if you don’t right now! I personally don’t at the moment.

And that being said, it’s okay if you change your mind about your nutrition style too! It’s okay if you’re cutting or bulking and decide to take a step back, it’s okay if you’re just living life and decide you want to enter a cut or a bulk. Your nutrition is based off of you, your goals and what works for YOU.

Fitness and nutrition is all a learning process. It’s about becoming more in tune with your body, working towards certain goals, learning to love yourself, and so many more things. There is such a difference between someone who is in prep for a figure competition and someone who is just living their everyday life, and it’s okay if you don’t necessarily have a term to describe your current nutritional approach! We don’t always have to be bulking or cutting. We don’t always have to label our nutrition phase. Whether we’re intuitively eating or tracking macros, we really can just be living.

Welcome to the living phase.
























































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